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You look around and see people constantly looking at their phones. They are more than likely on some sort of social media channel. As a business owner, you want to put your brand where people are spending their time. Posting on your favorite social media platform is a great way to share your brand with potential customers. You can inject a lot of personality into what you post, put your brand in front of new people, and have fun at the same time. That is why this post will give you 15 social media ideas for jewelry stores.

1. Host an “AMA”

Known as Ask Me Anything. These sessions are basically Q&A sessions that you hold online. They can easily be done by going live on a specific day. The key is to build up the AMA by announcing it in advance through social media or in-store. AMA sessions are a great way to show your knowledge, expertise, and passion.

2. Highlight Your Company Culture

Share some of the fun times you have at your store with the world. Your employees, the physical store, and your customers all make up what your company is all about. There are dozens of stories that come up throughout your day. Take a photo or shot a quick video of you sharing an event.

3. Run a Contest

Contests are always a lot of fun and a great way to get your customers engaged with your brand. Promote your contest both online and in-store to make them really effective.

4. Charity

Highlight a good cause or event and get the community involved in something you care about. Don’t make this all about showing how charitable you are. It’s about doing the right thing and helping others.

5. Throw Back Thursday (TBT)

Participate in “Throw Back Thursday” back posting a photo from back in the day. Make sure you post it on Thursday.

6. Spotlight customers or community members

Show your customers some love. Maybe someone in the community did something thoughtful. Share it with others and maybe reward that person with a certificate or other gift. Share a photo or a quick video.

7. Ask followers a question

Set up a poll or a quiz and ask people a question. Maybe ask them to participate in picking a new design or idea for an event. People like to participate and answer fun questions, so encourage participation and respond with a thank you or comment when people answer your question.

8. Share Helpful Tip

You can really build yourself as the town jeweler by sharing useful tips with your followers. Position yourself as a knowledgeable authority in the industry and people will trust and buy from you. Shoot quick video on something like jewelry maintenance, buying tips. Get ideas by listening to what your customers need help with.

9. Celebrate company milestone

Is your store celebrating something special? Don’t keep it to yourselves. Share it with your followers.

10. Partner with a local business

Partner up with a local business and run a special promotion or event. This works great because both businesses can share this with their followers and increase brand awareness to a new group of people.

11. Customer testimonial

Do you have a customer that can’t stop complimenting you and their experience in your store? Ask them for a quick 30-second testimonial. Shoot it with your phone and upload it. If you want people to believe good things about your store, then have your customers do the talking for you.

12. Share industry news, trends, or interesting facts

You may come across a great jewelry related article or video you think people would enjoy. Share it. Don’t just share the link and tell people to read. Instead, write a couple of sentences and share your view or encourage others to engage with your post by asking them a question.

13. Seasonal Post

Holidays always bring common themes you can post about. Think about seasonal events that are just in your town or location. Festivals and events are also a good thing to share a video about.

14. Share a personal accomplishment or success

Whether it’s your accomplishment or an employee, it’s always good to give your company a face and share things you’re proud of. These are extra important if they are industry related because they demonstrate that you’re always reaching for success.

15. Share an offer

Share something special with your followers. You can have fun with this and make it exclusive to a certain number of people or make it time sensitive.

Final Thoughts

Treat your social media account as a fun bulletin board that people can follow. When you feel strongly about a post don’t be afraid to spend a small amount of money to promote your content. People will share it if it’s good and you’ll get free exposure.

Post content that is going to humanize your brand and show people what you’re all about. You’ll come across experiences throughout your day that capture what your brand is about. Take a couple of minutes to shoot a video, photo, or write something about it, and share it with your followers.

Still Need Social Media Ideas for Jewelry Stores?

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