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Social media influencers are one of the newest jobs to surface after social media really took hold of the internet. An influencer is a person who holds a blog or page that receives a lot of attention and followers. These people will recommend products and businesses, showing them to all of their followers and getting the brands’ names out in the world, effectively marketing with a larger “word of mouth.” These influencers are separated into two different types: Micro Influencers and Macro Influencers. 

While it might seem like influencers are just a reviewer, influencers are more powerful than a basic online reviewer. As a result, they will sometimes be hired to make a post, recommending a certain brand or business. You can look at a good example of how that works for the jewelry industry here.

But how can an influencer benefit your jewelry business? This is what you need to know.

Micro Influencers vs Macro Influencers

Influencers can be broken up into different categories, but the two that we will look at are “micro” and “macro” influencers.

Micro Influencers

This type of an influencer has fewer than 10,000 followers normally and are typically your Average Joe. This type of influencer is more eager to help and will be more likely to take on your brand for little cost.

Macro Influencers

This type of influencer is essentially a celebrity. Many businesses and brands will approach them to promote their product. As a result, they will want to be compensated well for their services.

Why go with Micro Influencers

Micro influencers will not only be happier to help your company by promoting your business, but they usually do not need much in exchange. Often, they will accept a sample of your product. For example, a piece of jewelry or cash compensation. They will then tell their followers about your amazing pieces and get to keep the piece in exchange of the review.

Finding an Influencer

The important thing with influencers is that you cannot just select a random person on social media who seems to have a large following. You want an influencer whose followers make up for a lot of your customer base. Luckily, there are influencer databases available that you can use to help you find the right fit for your business. Check out a list here.

Get Started

Once you have decided to go with an influencer, look through the available databases and find the right person to market your business for you. If you are not sure how to proceed from this point, contact the digital marketing experts at GemFind. With their experience, they will be able to direct you through social media influencing and digital marketing to better improve your business’s potential.