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Photos are one of the most important factors of a customer deciding to purchase a product from your website. With that being said, it is very important that you have professional photos for your jewelry business. This is because you want these images to help convince your potential customer to buy from you. Many of you might be a little worried now because you aren’t a photographer. But don’t stress, in this blog we will walk you step-by-step on how to get professional looking photos for your jewelry business.

Outsource Professional Photos

If you’re looking to hand the task off to someone else and just look at final images to approve, then outsourcing is your best option. If you decide to go this route there are a few things you should look at when trying to find a good jewelry photographer.

Experienced in Jewelry Photography- You’ll want a photographer who has experience specifically in jewelry photography.

Check Out Their Portfolio- Look at their jewelry photography work and ask yourself if their style matches your brand and the product you carry.

Include Retouching Work- Nearly all of the jewelry you see in high-end advertising involved retouching the original photograph. Make sure you’re aware of retouching work when it comes to getting prices.

Revisions- You want to be happy with the images you put out there. Make sure you have a direction in what your final images look like. A good photographer will work with you and offer a reasonable number of revisions to make sure you’re happy. Never accept photos you are not happy with. Make sure you understand the revision terms before entering an agreement with an outside photographer.

Keep in mind that you get what you pay for when it comes to professional photography. You may be tempted to hire someone who may not have that much experience but low prices. Be very careful. Try to get a guarantee that ensures you don’t pay full price if you are not happy with the final product and don’t intend on using the photos.

In-house Photographer

You may have a need for several photos because you’re constantly selling new collections and products. If this is the case then you might want to consider hiring an in-house photographer. This can start as a part-time hire and grow from there.

Having your own photography department lets you get creative with your images and try different approaches when it comes to capturing your vision. This option may require some investment at first but in the long run you will save money if you use a lot of images in you branding and advertising.

Take Your Own Professional Photos For Your Jewelry Business

If you have some interest in jewelry photography and want to learn more then you might want to try a “do it yourself” approach. You will need to invest money on equipment and some time to learn the basics of good photography.

Unless you have some experience in jewelry retouching you will need to find a good retouching service. You’ll want to look at their portfolio and make sure the jewelry looks clean and presentable. Some retouched work can go a little too far and make the jewelry look fake and misleading.

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How To Take Professional Photos For Your Jewelry Business

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Still Need Help With Professional Photos For Your Jewelry Business?

In a world where videos and images of products are everywhere we see you must have great images if you want to stand out. Treat your photography as you would any other important aspect of your business. Have a budget for photographs, due your due diligence when it comes to hiring photographers and only present images you are happy with. Put out as many high quality images as you can social media. Consumers want to see your jewelry in the most beautiful way.

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