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Once you’ve crafted a jewelry website that mirrors your ideals, the next focal point should be increasing sales through your blogs. It may take some time to develop a loyal blog following. But eventually, it can be the key to endless sales. In order for readers to crave blog updates, you need to provide them with original valuable commentary. This is important so that it convinces them that you are a jewelry expert. Here are ways to increase sales through your blogs.

How Blogs Can Hold Attention

One of the most important ways that sales through your blogs can increase is if you keep generating compelling content that answers people’s questions even before they ask it. You must be able to establish yourself as a thought leader. A thought leader is someone who has a thorough knowledge of their field and knows ways to improve it.

The reader must feel a sense of discovering new knowledge after reading your blog, with an urge to share it with others on social media. Using call to action strategies, you must be able to get readers to act on the urge to spread your jewelry store information. Offering tips on how to do or use something better is a common type of blog that gets many shares. Here are other types of content that work well for bloggers:

  • how to accelerate a path toward wealth
  • ideas for avoiding or reducing risks
  • ways to accelerate a learning curve
  • steps on how to make important investment decisions
  • insights on how to measure personal achievement

Create Buyer Curiosity

Your blogs can be summaries of deeper commentary that you can offer through newsletters, in which you can charge a subscription fee. You can also offer the newsletter for free and make it a more direct sales funnel than your blog. The key is to create content full of relevant information that buyers cannot help but be curious to learn more from you. One of the best ways to generate sales through your blogs is through conversations with followers.

You can gain loyal customers by making them feel special and more knowledgeable about the industry, because they are connected with a thought leader. Answering questions and giving advice to prospects through interactive blogs is how loyal relationships are built.


Improving sales through your blogs should be a central reason for developing fresh web content. GemFind has bloggers on staff dedicated to catering to your store’s special needs. Contact GemFind to learn more about how to empower your jewelry website with state-of-the-art digital marketing tools.