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In one of our most recent posts, we delved into the effectiveness of Google Ads. An how jewelry stores can use it to reach more customers online. If you’re currently running Google Ads for your jewelry store’s website, then congratulations!  You’re on your way to increasing jewelry sales!  One of the biggest snags jewelers will hit in the process of running Google Ads efficiently, is learning how to accurately measure PPC ROI.

After all, the entire purpose of running Google Ad campaigns for jewelry stores is to figure out what your target audience is gravitating toward the most. Whether it be a product or jewelry repair service, so you can effectively promote this to capitalize on your customer’s needs.

Here at GemFind have compiled a conversions checklist to help jewelers. These can help you figure out what metrics to track and ensure you get the best PPC ROI.

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Tracking Sales

If you have an ecommerce website, tracking sales is a no-brainer. You likely already do this through Google Analytics. However, you should connect your Analytics account to Google Ads in order to attribute specific sales to your campaigns.

It’s important to note, that sales are not the end-all-be-all when it comes to conversions. With most jewelry being such a big investment, it tends to be a much longer purchasing process for consumers. This is why you should provide value to website visitors immediately in order to get them into a sales funnel that can be implemented over a period of time. You can learn all about sales funnels by reading one of our latest blog posts.

Tracking Contact Form Submissions

We always recommend placing a contact form on any landing pages. Especially ones that you use for your ad campaigns. These forms can simply be for users to learn more about your products or as a way to schedule a showroom appointment.

Additionally, you can have a form that is a bit more complex. These forms could have specific questions such as “What product(s) are you interested in?” or “What is your budget?”. Whatever the case may be, whenever a user submits their contact information, this should be tracked as a conversion.

Tracking Phone Calls

Similar to contact forms, having a click-to-call button with your store’s phone number is an important feature for any landing page to have. Typically, users will call to schedule an appointment to see a specific piece such as an engagement ring. These phone calls can be tracked within Google Ads to give you insight into what campaigns are generating the most calls.

While phone calls from your landing page can be tracked, you should also consider tracking calls from an ad extension (known as a call out extension). This will place your phone number underneath your search ad on Google. Users can click this and connect directly on their mobile devices.

Tracking Specific Page Views

If your landing page contains links to additional internal pages on your website, you may find it useful to track these page views through Google Ads. For example, if your landing page displays products with a “Buy Now” or “Learn More” button, the user will then be taken to that product’s page.

Another example would be tracking visits to your location or contact page directly from your ad campaign’s landing page. All of these actions show the user is interested in learning more. Which is an important metric to prove a campaign’s effectiveness.

Additional Conversions You Can Track

While the Google Ads conversions listed above are the most commonly tracked by jewelers. There are still a variety of other metrics you can focus on as well. These include tracking:

  • Clicks on specific buttons such as an “Add to Cart” button
  • Time spent on a specific page
  • Clicks on external links
  • Views of an embedded video

Still Need Help Tracking PPC ROI?

If you are not currently measuring your PPC ROI or need help getting this set up, get in touch with GemFind. GemFind is a digital marketing agency that can help you will all of your PPC needs. Get in touch today to speak with one of our digital marketing experts!