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In order to effectively execute your social media management for your jewelry business, you need to have tools in place to actually measure your online social media presence and gauge your success. This means that you need to have clear goals for your social media marketing campaigns. Also, you need to know how to monitor you social media presence.

The most popular social media sites have already taken steps to provide businesses with a number of self-contained tools for social media management.


Twitter and Facebook analytics are both easily accessible from your social media home page tabs. These sites generally provide surface level statistics. For example, the number of engagements received on individual posts, shares, geographic’s and more. This is useful information if you are trying to gauge the size of your current audience. But it is also helpful to learn which posts get the most attention.


Another form of social media management involves scouring the web for mentions of your company. Software like Mention and BrandWatch allows you to search for your brand name and discover what people are saying about you online. Mention primarily relies on popular social media sites to gather data. While BrandWatch delivers into forums and other online platforms to give you a more complete data set. You can also use them to research your competitors and see how you compare.

Managing Your Efforts

In addition to built-in tools and research oriented tools, there are several ways to consolidate all of your social media management tasks into a single dashboard. Cyfe is a program that lets you pick and choose from a variety of metrics to build a personalized monitoring setup. Hootsuite and Buffer are both tools which allow you to log into Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and more from a single account, and to schedule and monitor your social media posts on all of them.


To get a complete picture of how your jewelry brand is faring online, use the tips above to increase your efforts and awareness. Reaching out for immediate results from an expert may be the best option if you feel overwhelmed by the various online marketing platforms. GemFind’s digital marketing experts specialize in developing strategic plans to make sure you are on the right path for online success.