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Gaining a competitive edge can be a game changer for your jewelry store. By focusing on more engagement with your audience instead of strictly sales you can help distinguish your brand and store. Old fashioned pitches are becoming increasingly inefficient online, whereas building relationships increases the odds of conversions. Here are reasons why visual social networks such as Instagram are worth your time exploring.

How to Attract Attention on Instagram

Several studies have noted that Instagram helps boost retail sales since this social network commonly involves more interactivity than on Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is all about sharing photos and videos. Visuals have a way of bringing stories to life to complement text. Keep in mind that offering customization is a way to attract attention. Using Instagram for your jewelry store adds excitement to your business that doesn’t require much time and expense.

Purpose of Hashtags

Hashtags are keywords after a # sign that help connect you with like-minded followers. They are important to use to increase the odds of engagement. By tagging relevant jewelry designers or keywords, you can increase engagement by over 50%, according to Hootsuite. You can always add hashtags later to your posts through caption editing or include them in your comments. The post must be set to “public” so that it’s visible on the corresponding hashtag page. Then tap the hashtag to view photos that connect with it.

Deciding What Photos to Post

Each jewelry store has to use their own imagination, or the imagination of an agency, when deciding what type of photos to post on Instagram. It comes down to the themes and niches that define your website and products. The main reasons behind posting photos on Instagram for your jewelry store that should be conveyed are either to educate, inspire, or showcase. It requires experimentation to find out what works best for your business when using Instagram for your jewelry store. After awhile you will get a feel for which type of images lead to the most engagement.


Promoting images through Instagram for your jewelry store is an easy and seamless way to increase your online engagement with customers and prospects. GemFind can manage your Instagram as well as your other social media accounts. We have dedicated social media and graphic designers to tailor to your digital marketing needs and maximize your social presence.