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With so many email getting sent to your inbox, many email sales pitches end up being quickly deleted or ignored. In order to catch a customer’s attention, it is essential to have a perfect subject line. The reason is that they can draw in the customer and push them to open the email and read it. In this blog we will go over how to write the perfect subject line.

Subject Line Personalization

The ultimate goal of a subject line is to encourage the recipient to open the email and read your message. If a customer sees their name in the subject line, he or she is more likely to open it. Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened per Campaign Monitor.

Ask a Question In The Subject Line

Engaging your customers by asking a question is another way that you can encourage them to open your email and read the message. It is human nature to want to know the answer to a question. That is why offering up a tidbit of information is going to encourage customers to open the rest of the email and see your marketing campaign.

Try using Emojis

Including emojis within the subject line can also make the recipient’s eyes stop from skimming and take a second look at the email you have sent. Emojis can be tricky! However, there are many out there so you would need to make sure that you are using emojis that work across all of the major platforms. Also, you will need to learn what they mean. However, too many emojis can clutter the subject line as well and make the message seem more like spam.

Does it Match

Another consideration is whether the subject line matches the content of the message. If the subject is written to be catchy, but in no way relates to the message you sent, you are going to make a negative impression. Rather than the positive one you were hoping for. If you need help with your subject line, you should check out this online tool to lend you a helping hand.

After the Email

Once your customers have followed the email to your ecommerce website, make sure that what they find there corresponds with both the email and your business model. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal, which can be reached through a positive online experience.

Writing the perfect subject line is like writing a title to a book. You only have a few words to communicate your message and grab someone’s attention. Which can seem overwhelming! To make sure you have the best wording, take it to the professionals at GemFind.

GemFind’s digital marketing team can manage your email marketing for you. Our experts will take all of the stress and guesswork out of marketing.