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It is never too early to get your business prepared for the holiday season. Without a doubt one of the most profitable times in a year. Because it is an important time, getting your marketing set up ahead of time is key to your business’s success. Is your website ready to bring in and handle all of the extra holiday traffic? Here are our experts 4 simple reason you should improve your website for the holidays:

1. Generate More Leads

Enhancing your jewelry website with the latest advancements in online tools will make it easier for customers to find you. But also, it will make shopping easier for your customers as well. If you can obtain your customers’ contact information, you will be able to follow-up with them later on. Which can help them find the perfect jewelry piece that they were looking for. A website that allows for these leads to be established can help prevent abandoned online carts.

2. Attract More Customers

Shoppers in general get excited about the holidays. With festive reminders around businesses and homes everywhere, your customers will have that holiday spirit. Especially when looking at your website! Make sure that your website has all of the trimmings of the season will make your site more attractive and encouraging. Make your store the place to find those special gifts for the ones they love.

3. Improve Your Branding

Keeping your website fresh and current will reflect positively for your brand. Your website is really the face of your brand’s online presence. Keeping it looking modern, updated, and eye-catching. This will create a positive image in the mind of your customers, associating your brand with only the best quality products.

4. Make More Sales

A welcoming website that has a fresh design and content is naturally going to encourage your customers to come in and visit your store. Demonstrating your brand’s commitment to customers and customer satisfaction will generate more sales during the holiday season while also establishing that connection between you and your customers that will last a lifetime. Showing your customers how much you care will help them to trust your brand, knowing you have their best interests in mind.

Need Help To Improve Your Website For The Holidays?

GemFind can help you get your website spruced up for the holiday rush in only 90 days! Get started on your site’s facelift now and you will be up and running in no time. Through the month of August, GemFind is offering $1000 off of website packages, the perfect solution to drive more traffic into your store.