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As an online platform known for “getting the word out” about a particular product or service, Twitter has certainly proven its worth. The savviest marketers across essentially every industry understand this fact. They use the marketing leverage of “tweets” to their advantage. Selling jewelry online is no different, and the use of Twitter is integral to the marketing of products. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Twitter has an enormous reach – With over 320 million active monthly users, Twitter provides a jewelry retailer with an abundance of marketing opportunities. Primarily, it makes every demographic easily accessible. In addition, a properly designed series of tweets can build a significant crowd-sourced, word-of-mouth campaign that is far more valuable than any standard marketing campaign.
  • Next, it is easy to implement – The limit of 280 characters makes crafting a tweet a fairly short-term project for the writer. The challenge comes in delivering enough information in those characters to drive traffic to your website or to have the message retweeted. With a little luck, those retweets can be developed into a large number of conversions.
  • Also, it is eminently searchable – The shortness of tweets has made Twitter one of the ten most-visited websites on the Internet. Nevertheless, it is so much more than just a repository for one-liners and other short messages. In fact, upwards of 2 billion search queries are performed on the site every day.
  • Finally, it is quite cost-effective – When it comes to customer acquisition, few things are as easy as using your company’s Twitter account. A marketer can gain a customer by simply following them, attaching Twitter cards or sharing posts/products with followers. There is a lot of time involved in this process, but the actual out-of-pocket cost is minimal.

In the end, using Twitter is an efficient and easy method for connecting the online community to your brand. For further information about how to use Twitter and other social media platforms for your jewelry business, fill out the form below or contact GemFind directly at 800.373.4373.