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When you invest in a website for your jewelry store, you want prospects and customers to be able to reach you. Most jewelry store websites will include telephone number, and address, and a form submission email. But when jewelry store’s have their website functioning as an extension of their sales team, they succeed. Being able to reach a sales associate if they have a question without picking up the phone results in increased sales and heightened engagement with clients. That is why live chat on your jewelry store’s website is so important!

Live chat offers a number of benefits over other contact channels and gives the client the immediate response they are looking on your website.

In this blog, we’ll look at the the importance of having live chat on your jewelry store’s website and what it can do to help you attract, retain more customer and increase sales. 

Contact a Website Visitor at the Right Moment

Many people think live chat is a salesperson asking if there’s anything they can do to help. Then browsers reflectively answering, “no, just looking, thanks”. However, live chat typically goes much deeper than that when shopping for fine jewelry.

For example, imagine that someone is browsing on your website for an engravable necklace for a Christmas gift. They’ve found something they like and are spending a great deal of time on the product detail page. But they are not sure of the chain length among other options they have. This would be the perfect time to use live chat and get those questions answered right away.

You can see how live chat lends itself to answering questions as well as creating a dialogue with the client. This dialogue happens just as you would if they walked into the jewelry store. However, it shouldn’t only be used to do that.

Your sales associate on live chat should do their best to gauge the customer’s interest level. They will gauge prospective purchase timeline and test the waters giving tons of recommendations.

For the customer, it can be off-putting to suddenly face a barrage of sales. But, having this personalized attention just by visiting your website will most certainly be a great tool for your sales team.

The Power of Live Chat History

One of the things you should know as a business owner is what your customers’ pain points are. Oftentimes, businesses simply guess at what these might be. But with live chat you can tell concretely. Through the use of an organized chat history, owners can filter and pinpoint issues that customers may have.

For instance, If you constantly have website visitors chatting in asking about your return policy or customized jewelry options and you do not have that information easily found on your website. This is a signal that it’s something you need to address more readily on your website.

Personalized Recommendations Translate To Your Jewelry Store Website

Another great benefit of live chat is that it provides you the perfect opportunity to direct the potential customer toward more information if necessary. Being able to point a customers on your site searching for a specific item that you carry really creates a personal experience. This is something that every jewelry store should be offering at any touchpoint with a potential customer.

Little things like this can have a great impact on not just brand affinity, but also the overall customer experience. Which in turn, encourages more recommendations and better reviews on social media, as well as longer customer retention.

Stand Out From The Competition With Live Chat On Your Jewelry Store’s Website

Despite live chat being massively popular and the ease of installation and options, it’s still something that is not commonly seen on jewelry store websites. Most clients of GemFind do have a chat feature. Our clients do credit their online growth to the never ending contact with clients. 

If there is anything that 2020 has taught business owners, having the ability for potential clients to reach out to sales associates at any time will improve communication and result in more sales.

Jewelry Is Personal, So Your Website Should Reflect That

Putting the technology aside for a moment, the jewelry products on your website and that you create as a jeweler become milestone celebration gifts, coveted and loved heirlooms, and the beginning of couple’s lives together. As a jewelry store owner, the interactions with your clients over the years include being a part of all of these shopping experiences in your store. Live chat will benefit you and your sales associates in continuing to foster those relationships for years to come. Live chat personalizes your website by having instant access to the experts and best representation of your store.

Still Have Questions About Live Chat on Your Jewelry Store’s Website? 

Of course, adding live chat on your jewelry store’s website does involve asking yourself some questions. Who will staff it? Will you rely heavily on “canned” answers for the most common questions. Will you have one of your staff manage it during regular business hours? Do you have additional resources? Do you have content that you can have ready to help guide and point users in the right direction should they have specific questions or concerns? 

These are all things you’ll want to ask yourself as you consider adding live chat functionality to your website. But that doesn’t mean you have to tackle it alone. At GemFind Digital Solution, we have decades of experience in the jewelry industry. And by working with us you will get your business online, reach new customers, retain customers, and much more.