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Often when customers are browsing for a diamond, they are not necessarily looking for a specific retailer or vendor. Instead, they are after a specific cut, carat, or quality. For most customers, this can make shopping for the perfect diamond like looking for a needle in a haystack. This is where DiamondLink® comes in.

DiamondLink® is a tool designed to help jewelry retailers and vendors efficiently manage their inventory online, by providing an easy way to manage mark-ups and feature diamonds from select diamond suppliers.

How the DiamondLink® Works

DiamondLink® is an online tool developed by GemFind, to showcase diamonds from select US diamond suppliers, on retail jewelry websites. With a simple search tool, customers can indicate the specifics of what they are looking for in a diamond. As a result, the customers can quickly connect with you on what they want, providing instant customer satisfaction.

The DiamondLink® also provides reports and analytics that allow you to track what customers are searching for, including cut-grade searches, certificate searches, size, and color searches. Knowing what your customers are looking for, will allow you to have a better idea of what your target audience seems to like and specifically cater your jewelry pieces to them.

Important Features of DiamondLink®

DiamondLink® has several essential features that would be helpful for diamond vendors. These include:

  • Displaying your diamonds across hundreds of retail jewelry websites
  • Optional search tool for your website
  • Use of RingBuilder, StudBuilder, and PendantBuilder to display your diamonds
  • Adaptable to any web device, which means that customers can use their smartphones to look through available diamonds

As for jewelry retailers, DiamondLink® is also just as helpful. Some important features of DiamondLink for retailers, include:

  • Managing mark-ups and other options on their collection of diamonds
  • Personally selecting to feature diamonds from major US diamond suppliers
  • Having a responsive application that adapts to any device
  • Integrating seamlessly into your existing website

How the Search Tool Works

The optional tool that you can have on your website allows customers to search for a variety of specifications to find the right diamond, such as:

  • Cut
  • Carat
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Cost

After adjusting the options to meet their needs, customers will see all of the available diamonds that meet those needs.


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