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Having a Facebook business page is the first step towards having a social media presence, but the magic isn’t in the page. In order to keep a good return on your investment (ROI), remarketing to your users using Facebook ads is the key to building true success.

Remarketing ads have the same idea as traditional marketing. For example, when customers come into your store you ideally would like to get their contact information (like an email address) so you can market to them later with special sales or promotions you are having. The same is true for when customers visit your website.

Why Facebook?

There are more active, monthly users on Facebook than the entire population of China (Adweek, 2016). Facebook remarketing ads are not the same as regular old Facebook ads you may set-up within Facebook’s business manager. These ads only appear within the users Facebook interface who has already visited your site to view products and services, which will then keep re-appearing within the users news feed to remind them of their specific interest in a product or service that you offer.

Instant Follow Up with Remarketing Ads

Potential buyers visit your website. They are searching for rings, pendants, diamonds and other luxury jewelry. If the user leaves before making a purchase the product/service they were viewing will re-appear in the users stream next time they login to Facebook. This is a sure-fire way to remind someone, in a casual way, that they showed interest in a certain product or service.

Make The Connection

You have several fans on your Facebook page, but you noticed that you have low engagement on your posts when you update your page. Facebook’s algorithm is designed to show friends and family posts first. Over the years, they have slowly become a pay-to-play platform. Therefore, if you’re not  boosting your posts or utilizing remarketing tools for your business on Facebook, you aren’t winning.

GemFind understands the jewelry industry and its customers, and has been providing digital solutions to them since 1999. We offer digital marketing packages custom designed for your business. GemFind would be proud to serve your online efforts by setting up your Facebook remarketing ads for you.