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A proven way for online jewelers to maximize Google AdWords campaigns, is to use website remarketing. It is a process that is a part of AdWords, which allows you to serve ads to users who have visited your site in the past. Here’s how remarketing can help increase your conversions.

The Remarketing Process and Why It’s Important

If you have an AdWords account, you can connect with visitors who come to your site, with a cookie ID. If they meet your criteria. the cookie places itself on their browser. That ID is added to your jewelry website remarketing list. Then through the Google Display Network, they will continue to see your ads. They will be seen even if they’re not directly on your jewelry website. Your ads will be visible when they do online searches that are relevant to your business.

Jewelry website remarketing is one of the keys to increasing your sales or inquiries. Especially, since it targets users that have already shown interest in your business. It gives your company increased exposure, raising brand awareness. This increased visibility is known to help boost online conversions, since it keeps your online jewelry store fresh in the minds of individuals who are in the early stages of their purchasing decisions.

Long-term Benefits of Remarketing

Over time you can create multiple remarketing lists. These can be based on various criteria, such as events, time of year, and location of users. You can also create jewelry website remarketing lists based on pages or sections that users have visited, even though they did not yet make a purchase. It allows you to categorize prospects by their online behavior, such as abandoning a shopping cart. The more they see your ad, which you can customize, the more familiar they’ll become with your brand.

Displaying ads on their devices while they are on the Internet can help remind them of their experiences on your site, and lead to completed sales or inquiry forms. You’ll have control over how long each user stays on your jewelry website remarketing list. You can also control how many display ads to show per day and can block ads on certain sites.


Jewelry website remarketing is a strategy to tap into your target market and maximize conversions. To learn about how else you can improve your digital marketing strategies, contact GemFind to learn about the digital marketing tools and social media management services they offer. Together, these marketing strategies can provide an effective way to create a closer connection with your jewelry customers.