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With the growth of social media as well as the accessibility of digital imagery, there really is no excuse to have a bad photo on your website. There are endless amounts of filters and lighting options that can trick amateur photographers into thinking that their smartphone images are good enough for their jewelry website. Unfortunately, a smartphone picture is not good enough and it is time to hire a professional photographer. This is why.

Standards have changed

Professional photographers have been around as long as the art of photography. Their skills have grown and changed along with the advancements of technology. Because we are all so immersed with imagery constantly, most customers can pick up on whether a picture has been taken by a pro or not.

Better pictures will increase your SEO

Eye-catching pictures will make customers more likely to click your picture and website. Which will help with increasing your web ranking. Outdated websites or pictures are not as attractive to customers.

Stand out from your competitors

If you have any local competition around you, having better pictures that catch customers’ eyes. This is important because it will make you more memorable than the competition. Understandably, some of your competition might still be relying on phone pictures. Which will make your professional pictures really stand out from the competition.

Stock will not work

A trap that many businesses fall into is the use of stock photos as a way of marketing themselves or their products. A lot of stock photos are taken by professional photographers which are done well. But the issue is that they will not show your actual product or your team. Show what you really have, which might even include exclusive designs.

Don’t put the stress on yourself

As a business owner, you already have enough on your plate. That is why you should not have to worry about the types of pictures that are advertising your business on the web. Having someone who really knows what he or she is doing will take the work off of you.

A picture is worth is a thousand words

The average website visitor scans your page in 7 seconds before they decide if they will stay or leave your site. Within that time span, they are only registering bold text as well as your images. This is one major reason why your pictures should be a visual cue of that information as well as be able to relay the information that they are searching for, so that they stay on your site. When visitors see images that relate to the information they are looking for, they are more likely to read the text. And are you are more likely to earn their business.

Drive More Customers to Your Retail Store

Think of your store’s website like a hotel search engine. Users want to see pictures of the place they will visit because it develops a level of trust between the visitor and the company. You have proudly designed your store’s interior to welcome your customers and provide the experience that represents your business’ values. Professional photos can capture not only the store’s look, but can express the feelings that your customer will experience when they visit.

Use Your Team’s Smiling Faces

Visitors want to be greeted with welcoming, smiling faces when they walk into your store. Your website images should do the same. Images of your team allow a visitor to emotionally connect to your business. Visitors are savvy enough to know when stock photography is used. Which create feelings of mistrust, lack of sincerity and an experience that is that not personalized to their needs.

Wondering where you can find a professional photographer? GemFind can offer you a solution. By hiring a local professional photographer, GemFind can help you update your website and help you make sure the photos are all current and accurate.

Call GemFind today to set up a consultation with us for your professional photography needs.