Emerald Package





$500 in Protection

$500 in Ticket Protection Per Claim

$500 Per Claim

In the unfortunate event you are issued a traffic citation, LMTLSS™ will cover your bail or retain an attorney on your behalf up to $500 for every claim.

No Annual Limits

There are no annual limits to the amount of claims you may file!


As a member of LMTLSS™ you are covered ANYTIME you are behind the wheel. That includes even for work!


You have options to choose from! When submitting a claim simply choose to “Bail Out” or “Fight”.

Bail Out

When submitting a claim if “Bail Out” is chosen, LMTLSS™ will pay your bail amount in accordance to your membership coverage.


When submitting a claim if “Fight” is chosen, LMTLSS™ will pay to retain a properly qualified attorney to defend you in accordance to your membership coverage.

Local Attorney Coordination

After submitting your claim with LMTLSS™ our Team will immediately begin working on your submission. If you choose to “Fight” and you have not already selected an attorney, we will provide you with access to our network of reputable traffic attorneys.


Submitting a claim is simple! Just login to your account, upload your ticket & bail notice & choose your resolution that’s it!


  • Your first claim is always on us! Deductibles are on a per claim basis & are annualized on the date you sign up (so every year your back to square one).

    1st Claim- 0%
    2nd Claim- 40%
    3rd Claim- 50%
    4th Claim- 60%
    5th Claim- 70%
    6+ Claim- 80%

    *Claims reset every year from the date you signed up

    i.e. If you are a gold member and are submitting your 2nd claim within a year, your deductible is 40% of the bail or attorney cost (whichever you choose) up to a maximum of $500 per claim.

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