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August 14, 2012 Alex


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August 14, 2012


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Fine Jewelry Preview Unveils 2013 Jewelry Trends
The World’s Largest Diamond And Other Record-Breaking Jewelry Moments
Customer Service
Retail Roundup: Week of Aug. 6
10 Tips To Eliminate Chaos In Your Daily Routine
How Business Websites Can Benefit From Online Directories
Should Jewelers Repair Counterfeit Watches?
Diamonds: Not Only for the Base of Your Fingers
The Luxury Market’s Mixed Messages
Marketing Success – 7 Time Saving Tools I Use


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Fine Jewelry Preview Unveils 2013 Jewelry Trends

Jewelers of America                                                                      Aug. 10, 2012     


Last Tuesday, July 31st, Jewelers of America held our annual Fine Jewelry Preview that unveils jewelry trends for 2013 to garner editorial coverage of fine jewelry and promote the jewelry of Jewelers of America’s Supplier Members. The event was hosted by our consumer education arm, Jewelry Information Center. >>>  

The World’s Largest Diamond And Other Record-Breaking Jewelry Moments

By Anthony DeMarco                                  Forbes                                    Aug. 12, 2012     


As the 2012 London Summer Olympics winds down, it got me thinking about some of the great moments in history as it pertains to jewelry, gemstones and precious metals. Wealth and power throughout time has often been measured in the ownership of the most valuable and desirable adornment. >>> 

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Customer Service

By Brad Huisken                  Southern Jewelry News                      August  2012


In many cases in today’s retail environment the only thing that separates one jewelry store, or company, from its competition are the salespeople and the customer service that they provide. I’ll make a bold statement here: I believe when people come into a jewelry store today they are not necessarily looking for jewelry. What they are looking for is a place and a person from which to buy jewelry. >>> 

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Retail Roundup: Week of Aug. 6

By Emili Vesilind                                    JCK                                   August 9, 2012   


Alex and Ani’s status as one of the jewelry industry’s reigning fashion jewelry collections got a big boost at the Olympic games. The Rhode Island-based wholesaler and retailer-famous for its cute stackable bracelets dripping with charms-was selected by the U.S. Olympic Committee to create charms for the 2012 London Games. >>> 

GemFind’s New Ring Builder Increases Retail Jewelry Sales of Diamonds and Engagement Rings for Jewelry Retailers


The new 2012 version of GemFind’s popular Ring Builder® website tool for jewelry retailers and diamond dealers – has unique new features. The new Ring Builder® allows users to superimpose loose diamonds on to the ring that they are configuring online. This fully ecommerce capable web application is a must-have for all jewelry retailers and it is customizable providing seamless integration into any retail jeweler’s new or existing website. 


ring builder new

One of the highlight features of the new Ring Builder is that the consumer, while shopping on the local retail jeweler’s website, can virtually superimpose any one of 10 different shaped loose diamonds directly onto one of more than 400 prospective engagement ring styles from Unique Settings of New York. After the ring is virtually configured, the user can then select from tens of thousands of certified loose diamond being supplied from any number of diamond vendors within New settings and diamond suppliers will be continually added. more… 


Call us today at 800-373-4373, for a free consultation and demonstration of GemFind’s customized website tools which are guaranteed to help you grow you business in a cost effective and consistent manner. 

10 Tips To Eliminate Chaos In Your Daily Routine

By Bruna Martinuzzi                              OPENForum                             August 10, 2012      


n the movie Changing Lanes, William Hurt delivers a memorable line. He tells Samuel Jackson: “You’re addicted to chaos.” Chaos is the antonym of organization, orderliness and calm. Chaos erodes our peace of mind and causes unnecessary turmoil, delays and loss of productivity. >>> 

How Business Websites Can Benefit From Online Directories                                                                   August 7th, 2012   

Almost all businesses have built websites in order to be found easily by potential customers and clients. With a few simple clicks, visitors to a business website can buy a product, send an email to the company and even peruse the business’ blog to learn valuable industry information. A well-built website services the company as well as the clients. >>> 

Featured GemFind Designer

Eichhorn was founded by Dorothy Eichhorn-Grant in 1976. Her first trip to South America began as a rain forest adventure and became a lifelong passion upon discovering the beautiful Colombian Emerald. By 1980, Dorothy had formed a partnership with Michael Grant and together they expanded to include ruby and sapphire in their repertoire.>>>

Should Jewelers Repair Counterfeit Watches?

By Rob Bates                                        JCK                                    August 10, 2012     


Following the July 27 post on the improving quality of counterfeit watches, we received a comment from a jeweler: I don’t like putting batteries in them, I try to educate these people why not to buy them and they just don’t understand. Which got me thinking: What should jewelers’ policy be toward “replicas,” when they are asked to repair or change the batteries in them? >>> 


Diamonds: Not Only for the Base of Your Fingers

By stonechicky                 The Israeli Diamond Industry Blog                    August 13, 2012

I have to admit, although I am often bemused by all of the various objects d’art that have received the diamond-encrusted treatment over the years, I find that most of them are utterly impractical. Do we really need a diamond-encrusted Rubik’s cube? I haven’t even touched one of those 3-D puzzles in decades, and I’m certainly not going to start now just because someone slapped a few gems on one. >>> 

Need more traffic to your website?

Need more traffic to your website?

Getting ranked on the search engines is not a simple task and you need to be well versed as to how the search engines work and what to do to make sure your site gets indexed. 
You could have the most beautiful website with all the products in the world, but if you have limited visitors, its not going to do any good. 
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The Luxury Market’s Mixed Messages
By Victoria Gomelsky                     JCK                  August  13, 2012 

When I first read the headline “AZATURE to Sell $250,000 Black Diamond Nail Polish” last week, I did a double take. What is this? I thought. 2007?The story went on to talk about how the Los Angeles-based firm, named after jewelry designer Azature Pogosian, just came out with a one-of-a-kind bottle containing 267 cts. of black diamonds. It’s officially the most expensive nail polish ever made. >>>   

Marketing Success – 7 Time Saving Tools I Use
By Laura Lake                     Guide                    Aug. 12, 2012    

We are coming to the close of the year and many of us are in the midst of some of our busiest times. The hustle and bustle may be draining of you of every ounce of energy that is required to even think about next year, but let me challenge you. One thing many of us never talk about is the importance of organization and time management. >>> 

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