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Diamond Co

In-house solution with a holistic approach to Digital Marketing

ROI increased 70%, Adwords account optimization, increased Instagram followers and social media


increased ROI vs same
quarter 2017



increasement of Social
Media Engagement


decrease in AdWords CPC 

Project Brief/Problem

When Philadelphia Diamond Company (PDC) first approached GemFind, they were at a point where they had already exhausted many forms of digital marketing, but still hadn’t see a significant revenue increase or generated many leads from them.

Their previous AdWords campaigns had a high cost-per-click, which resulted in a low volume of traffic based on the budget that was allocated for AdWords. They also had multiple teams managing all their digital marketing efforts, which made their strategy and execution too disjointed, leading to inconsistent campaigns and a lack of clear direction.

Our Solution

GemFind was able to provide a holistic approach to PDC’s digital marketing, with in-house experts who understood the client’s needs and goals. They were able to go into PDC’s AdWords account to optimize it correctly and lower the cost-per-click, which significantly increased the number of qualified leads.

GemFind also increased their Instagram following and overall social media engagement by over 100%, through giveaways and consistent posting.

These combined efforts led to an increased revenue of 70%, from Q1 in 2017, to Q1 in 2018 when they had partnered with GemFind.