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Create the Website Your Customers Expect

In today’s digital age, your customers are looking doing their own pre-sales research using your website. In the old days, a customer would walk in and talk to an expert. As much as we may have loved the old days, they are gone. The future is here. Your business needs a website that loads quickly, has great content, and functions well on mobile devices. GemFind and Polygon have partnered together to bring you and your customers solutions that will grow your business. Polygon member websites, powered by GemFind.

Polygon Customers

Using our specialized packages, your jewelry business can have a website to be proud of with information that helps your customers.
The following pricing is exclusive to Polygon customers.

Website packages:

Poly Silver Website

• Up to 10 Informational Pages

• DiamondLink™

• RingBuilder™

• $2,995 Setup ($3,995 value)

• $325 per Month

Poly Gold Website

• Up to 20 Informational Pages

• DiamondLink™RingBuilder™

• $4,995 Setup ($5,995 value)

• $325 per Month

Monthly fees on Poly Silver and Gold packages include the following:

Hosting/Support (value $175 per month): Provided by GemFind

Diamond Link (value $175 per month): Provided by GemFind

Polygon Diamond Data feed (value $60 per month): Provided by Polygon to GemFind, 1 feed per client

Ring Builder (value $250 per month): Provided by GemFind

Exclusive Offer

Polygon members receive a 10% discount on digital marketing services and optional website add-ons.

The added services at their full price include:

Product Gallery: $750

E-Commerce: $1,500

Jewel Cloud Product Feed: $750 Set Up Fee (Increases Monthly Hosting Fee by $75) (Must be paired with Product Gallery or E-Commerce)

Jewelry Data feed up to 5 vendors $150, any additional vendors $30 Per Month

Instagram Feed:$150

Google Review Feed: $150

Yelp Review Feed: $150

Product Video Feature: $250

SSL Certificate : $199/yr

Abandoned Shopping Cart Email: $500 (Only Available with E-Commerce)

Point of Sale Integration – (Edge, Arms, ASC) Starting at $1,500: Custom Quote Required

On-Page SEO Boost: $500

Silver SEO Package: $750 Setup + $595/month

GeoFencing Package: $750 Setup + $350/month (Minimum $500 Ad Spend Required)

Silver Social Media Package: $495 Setup + $695/month

Custom Content & Photography Package: $2,500

Prices and services are subject to change at any time at GemFind’s discretion, however, in such case, Polygon will be informed and 10% discount will still be honored. Discounted rates will continue to be honored as long as the client remains an active member of Polygon.

Contact GemFind today to learn how we can help you build the website of your dreams.

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