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Stuller App education & Training

Follow the steps below to succesfully install the Stuller App!

Step #1 Install App

The 1st step will be to install the app into your Shopify Store. You can find it on the app store here: Shopify Stuller App
Once you have the app installed into your Shopify Store, proceed to Step #2

Step #2 Complete Registration

After the app has been installed you need to register the app by filling out and submitting a form that provides us with your Company Name and contact info.  You can find this by navigating to Apps>GemFind Stuller>Settings within your Shopify Store Admin.  See the image below for reference:

Once the form is submitted our support team will be notified.  They will use the contact information you provided to reach out with further instructions and to assist with the setup.

Step #3 URL Whitelisting by Stuller

There are two things that need to be completed before the App will display the Add to Cart button. 

You 1st have to place your Stuller Showcase URL into the app’s settings field, adding in “-frame” (Example: http:/ 

Then, we must request Stuller’s Tech Team to whitelist the Stuller Showcase URL (http:/ as well as the website’s primary domain name.  Once Stuller’s team completes the whitelisting of the URL’s the Add to Cart button will begin to function.  Our support team will reach out to assist with the setup after the registration form has been submitted, but if you ever have any questions.  Simply send an email to to generate a support ticket with our team.

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