Step 3. Design and Development

Submit requirement specifications to the individuals and the customer representative

Once the project specifications are done, it’s time to begin work on the website. Layouts and navigation will be designed in a sample model. Then an index page (home page) is created along with the website’s navigation paths. Product categories will be identified and created.

Then brand pages are developed for your store’s existing brands and vendors. Each will be integrated into the website based on the online strategy of the brand. (Some brands use an embedded website while others allow you to create your own experience.) Finally, an overall layout of the complete website is developed.

There can be a number of suggestions and changes from the customer at this point. All changes to the basic navigation and category structure need to be finalized before moving into the coding phase.

Also during this phase, the customer will be asked to develop the necessary data and images to incorporate their in-house inventory and loose diamonds onto the website (if this is part of the overall plan). This will also include providing access to the vendors that will supply product to the website. GemFind will work directly with these vendor partners to incorporate them into the exclusive GemFind vendor-managed inventory system to make their products available to your website.


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