Step 1. The Analysis

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The first step in the website analysis process is determining the overall success of your GemFind-created website. As with any new project, deciding a budget with customer goals for the new website is a crucial first step. The next step is determining your target customer. Does your store specialize in bridal jewelry, watches, fashion-forward jewelry, or is it a pure custom store? Your website will highlight whatever you do best.

For example, if your jewelry store caters mainly to bridal customers, your website should feature lots of bridal jewelry images and a searchable loose diamond inventory. And, from that diamond inventory, do you want to promote house brands first? Then include these in your online inventory. If watches are your niche, you should have product alongside information sections to establish the store as a product leader.

Persona is just as important as product. Your image and community reputation are viral branding components. Whether you are a luxury destination or a value leader, your website should reflect the experience and service customers can expect from your store.

Take look at the online experiences your competitors are providing. Your goal is to meet or surpass your competitor’s online experience. And remember, the other independent jewelers or chain stores aren’t the only businesses after the market’s share of luxury dollars. High-end electronics, handbags and designer clothing stores are as well.

Other decisions to factor in to your website creation project include determining if you want an e-commerce website to provide the ability to purchase online or simply show product. And, would you prefer vendor-managed inventory over your own product? Do you want to highlight your own “in stock” inventories or the “house brand”? These are all questions that will be addressed as GemFind helps you determine the best options in the initial website development phases.


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