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Measuring Success Online

Visits and page views are nice but conversions are all that matter at the end of the day. Understanding how each marketing channel is performing (Google, Facebook, etc.), takes a decent amount of effort (but it’s worth it). These metrics are typically measured using Google Analytics, which allows marketers to shed light on channels that have the greatest campaign ROI (Return on Investment).

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is when a business or brand monitors the actions consumers take toward the completion of a business goal. Depending on what is most important to your business, these actions can include calling your phone number, filling out an inquiry form or placing an online order. These are some of the most valuable conversions, but there are also steps in the buying process that you can measure to get you to those goals, such as newsletter signups or downloading a content offer.

GemFind will help you set up your conversions and track success at every step of the way so we can make the best educated decisions on which tactics are producing the best ROI at the lowest cost. That is the name of the game and the value of Digital Marketing  – establishing a benchmark and then lowering your Cost Per Acquisition by continually optimizing for best results. This is what GemFind helps jewelry store owners with and this is why we’re passionate about what we do.


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