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Data Management

Special Data Services for Vendors and Retailers

Good Data is the Heart of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy.

Most jewelry brands, private label manufacturers, jewelry designers, and retail jewelers require sophisticated data sets to intelligently market their products online. However, not everyone is starting in the same place, which is why you need to work with a company that truly understands the data requirements of the jewelry industry and how to work with you based on where you’re starting from. At the end of the day, GemFind’s JewelCloud is about providing ‘normalized’ data attributes and labels from all jewelry vendors to enable users to search and view items in a consistent and uniform way. Along the way, good data means auto updating prices and delivery times.

GemFind’s data department provides the following special data services for Vendors and Retailers:

Data Manipulation

Converting unstructured data into the JewelCloud normalized data format

This service is popular if your missing information in your inventory system’s data output file, if you have a minimal data sheet with a flowery product description or if you have a lot of columns in your data sheet but missing nice product descriptions. In this service we take your current data sheet with as much information as your can gather on your products, and we convert it into the JewelCloud normalized data format. Future updates are made by exporting, editing and importing the new file we create for you.

Configurable Products

Structure the data of your configurable products

If your products are available in different sizes and different qualities, then you need to structure the data as ‘configurable’ products so that you don’t show the same product image multiple times on the same page. In this service, you can provide your product information in one metal type and we will convert the data to price and display in all available metal types, with image updating when switching metal colors.

Auto Pricing

Everyone wants to the price of an item their interested in purchasing. And if you’re going to show prices online, then they need to be accurate.

You can always manually mange pricing updates to the JewelCloud or to your website.

GemFind provides 3 options for creating auto updating product pricing:

1. Relational Pricing

This option works for all products whose price varies primarily on the spot metal market prices. If we know the price of an item at two different metal market prices, then we can calculate a price ‘factor’ and extrapolate the price of an item based on the current metal market price. If you have a formula for the price change, then we can program the formula to automate pricing.

2. Cost Basis Component Pricing

This option allows you to provide a true component breakdown of an item, assign lot codes to gemstones, setting labors, metal labors, add-on pricing and more, and its tied to spot metal market prices like Relational Pricing. You this option if your products contain diamond and gemstones and if your inventory system does not have an auto pricing feature. By changing lot codes and labor costs in a table, the JewelCloud can auto update large product data sets with a few clicks of a mouse.

3. Data Sync

If your inventory system calculates the current price of items by any method, then you can auto or manually exports a data file to the JewelCloud and/or your website which is used to update the price of items already registered in the JewelCloud. This approach has the advantage that you need to manually load the full data set only one time and then you can use an automated export/import procedure to update the price and delivery times of those items.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Integration

Add products from your inventory system into the JewelCloud and/or your website

If you want to add products from your inventory system into the JewelCloud and/or your website, then we can help expedite the process with our attribute mapping interface to auto convert POS attributes and labels like departments and classifications into the website navigation and category structure. Depending on your needs and your POS provider, integration can be a 1-way automated product upload or a 2-way sync of products, customers, wishlists and more. This is very powerful application if you have good imagery of products in your store and you want to sync information from your web and internal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

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