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Inbound Marketing

Ensure that your customers stay within your marketing funnel

What happens to all of the traffic that doesn’t convert through cold traffic campaigns?

With Inbound Marketing, instead of letting those customers bounce and hope they come back, this ensures they stay within your marketing funnel.

Offer Valuable Content to Your Customers

Inbound Marketing enables you to cast a wider net and capture more highly-targeted traffic by offering valuable content that addresses the pain points or concerns of your potential customers, and then nurtures them throughout the process via email and marketing automation — right up until they are ready to buy.

After they purchase, they get automated follow-ups, and ultimately have a better experience with the buying experience and store overall, increasing the chance of return business down the road.

Lead Generation & Inbound Marketing Package

This package contains:

Strategy Session

Buyer Persona Identification

Lead Magnet Creation (Buyers Guide, E-Books, Email Series Subscription)

Paid Ads Management (Google, Facebook, Instagram)

Email Content Creation

Email Automation Set-up

CRM Set-up and Training

Dedicated Account Manager

Monthly Reports

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