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A True Omni-Channel Solution with

Integrate your POS data with one of the following platforms

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A True Representation of Your Store

By integrating Edge with your website, whatever is in your store’s showcase can also be in your website’s showcase. GemFind’s JewelCloud technology creates a seamless bridge between Edge and the website, making it convenient for consumers to browse and shop online so you can sell the items that are sitting on your shelves. No more manual product uploading to your website and showing old, out of date pricing and out of stock inventory.

Product Data Solution

The Edge Integration with JewelCloud gives you peace of mind to know that your website will consistently have up-to-date inventory, including images, descriptions, stock levels, and pricing, so you can focus on managing your business.

Automated Data Syncs

You can set-up an automated sync from Edge to your website daily, or even multiple times a day, so your inventory is always as current as possible. Synchronize your Point of Sale system with your website’s catalog.

Custom Websites

Work with GemFind to build your one-of-a-kind open-source websites connected with Edge data. As an open-source provider, it gives you the flexibility to work with some of the best platforms available today, such as Magento, Shopify and WordPress.

Digital Marketing

Pair your product data with a powerful digital marketing package so you can get the right customers viewing your products. GemFind can cover everything from SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Full Marketing Solutions and much more.

Pixel Tracing

Take your merchandising to the next level. GemFind’s Exclusive JewelCloud Pixel Tracking allows your to see what your customers are up to. Taking JewelCloud Analytics and applying it to both the website and marketing increases sales both online and in-store.

The Edge Certified Partner Benefits

Since GemFind is an Edge Certified Partner, your setup cost with Edge is only $1,000 vs. the standard list price of $2,000. Additional Integration Costs Apply.

Allow customers to see the most updated online and in-store inventory. Receive daily updates on product images, in-stock numbers, and prices.
Quickly update changes made to existing products. Easily remove products from all systems whether sold in-store or online.
Customers can open up dialogue on specific products and add items to favorites or share items on their social networks.

JewelCloud® Features

Easily manage products on your website

Keep your inventory current

Source new potential vendors

Interact with your customers

Easy to install

Save time and money

Analytics & Reporting

With JewelCloud®, get access to valuable user data and know your customers’ preference.

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Ad Management

Email Marketing and List Segmenting

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