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Executive Team

Alex Fetanat

Founder and CEO

Alex Fetanat is the Founder and CEO of the GemFind Digital Solutions the jewelry industry’s premier digital marketing company connecting the jewelry industry to their customers.

During his world travels in the late 90’s, Alex Fetanat took a liking to the jewelry industry and immediately recognized a need for a company that could provide the jewelry industry with an online presence and more advanced marketing tools; thus GemFind was born. Since 1999, the GemFind Network has become the leading destination for the jewelry industry. and the jewelry industry’s one-stop destination for all B2B online marketing solutions, such as Website development, Digital Advertising and Marketing, Virtual Jewelry and Diamond Inventory from hundreds of designers/manufacturers and diamond suppliers with many Online Interactive Tools and Apps like The Diamond Link®, Ring Builder® , Stud Builder®, Pendant Builder® Watch Builder® and more…

Prior to GemFind Digital Solutions, Alex founded ACS, Inc, a technology company responsible for creating the first inventory control system for pre-owned auto dealerships. Alex successfully led ACS for six years.

Anthony Arechiga

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Anthony Arechiga is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing of GemFind Digital Solutions. Anthony has spent over 12 years at GemFind helping thousands of jewelry stores build online businesses through effective web design and digital marketing solutions. Anthony is passionate about helping business owners navigate through the digital space and providing actionable, no fluff solutions to generating more foot traffic to their stores.

Brendon Willenkamp

Director of Operations

As the Director of Operations Brendon has his hands in just about all GemFind day to day activities, while also leading the Production and Support teams. With over 10 years experience within the Jewelry industry Brendon brings a wealth of expertise and energy to the company. When not in front of a computer you can find him out hitting the slopes of Colorado or taking in a concert at one of his favorite music venues.


Emily James

Sr. Project Manager

7 years ago, a highly skilled design professional with a passion for taking ideas and transforming them into a reality joined our team. With degrees in both Business and Graphic Design, Emily has always been a natural when it comes to communication and problem solving. She never stops pushing herself to become more knowledgeable in the jewelry industry and strives to provide her clients with the best experience throughout their project.

Conner Lantz


Conner is a technically sophisticated and dynamic professional with 8+ years of experience in web development, digital marketing, and project management spanning web, e-commerce, and SaaS companies. Conner has a proven track record of designing, developing, and deploying robust technical solutions and web-based applications incorporating a range of technologies and programming languages.

Jessica Cook

Data Specialist

Jessica works with clients to get their product data website-ready and integrated, in addition to improving data integration processes for the many platforms GemFind supports. Jessica has a diverse experience in IT, from managing product data for large corporations like 3M to working with local retailers developing network solutions.

Jarrod Evans

Project Manager

Jarrod is a project manager, he lives in the Pacific Northwest. His background is 20+ years in leadership roles working with the federal government. He enjoys and excels in guiding business teams to provide solutions that deliver maximum business value-focused on enhancing the customer experience. Seasoned, results-driven leader with diverse experience in operations management. Helps companies plan and implement strategic, operational, and organizational initiatives. He has a reputation for building cohesive teams that achieve and maintain the highest standards of professional excellence and customer success. Experienced leading in challenging and dynamic environments. If he is not helping with a project, he is roaming the PNW with his son, chasing powder in the winter, and ‘tight-lines’ in the summer.

Andrew Das


Andrew brings more than 10 years of agency experience to his role as Project Manager. He ensures that GemFind’s projects move forward and progress according to timelines and budget. His experience and background include managing website maintenance updates and major site launches for highly visible eCommerce sites. Andrew is enthusiastic in delivering high quality products to help his clients’ dreams become a reality. He works alongside a talented team of designers, content strategists, search analysts and developers to help deliver digital solutions for jewelers.

Kathrin Zimmermann


Kathrin is a graphic and web design professional with 20+ years of experience. Graduated in graphic design in Italy, and with a training in market research, she worked with Internet startups and agencies in Germany, France, USA and South America collaborating in design teams/projects and directing usability tests and focus groups, across many industries and project types.
She’s part of the GemFind team for 10+ years, creating website designs with efficient and pleasant user experiences in mind. Her focus lies on designing easy to use systems through a clear graphical language, while stressing each client’s unique visual identity.
She also is a passionate permaculture designer, nature lover and chef.

Michael Mastros

Customer Service Specialist

Michael has been giving top notch customer service and technical support to our GemFind Family for over 6 years. His attention to detail and comprehension has made him an invaluable liaison between our internal software development team and carries over to his external technical support to better help you navigate your website and software. In his off hours, he channels his passion for knowledge, growth and patience into cultivating his blooming and prosperous backyard garden. He enjoys tending to the health and well being of all things and it shows, not only through his green thumb that he uses to coax the best results out of his vegetation, but his perseverance in tackling problems head on and finding solutions to fit multiple needs in this fast paced business.

Wade Nichols

Special Projects Manager

Wade has been with GemFind for 7+ years and has been involved in several departments throughout his time here. Currently focused on supporting 3rd party integrations, vendor data, and platform development- his involvement in all 3 helps ensure JewelCloud’s growth continues to meet client needs.

Ashley Stephens

Online Marketing Specialist

With a bachelor’s degree in public relations and nearly seven years of experience specifically working with online and brick and mortar jewelers, online marketing specialist Ashley Stephens works directly with GemFind’s clients in achieving their sales and branding goals through social media. Ashley takes the time to understand what makes each client unique and carefully honors that brand voice throughout all marketing efforts. She lives with her husband, four children, and three pets in one very busy home in Orlando, Fl.

Mason Nave

Digital Marketing Project manager

Mason is a San Jose State University graduate with 10+ years experience in Project management in various different parts of the tech industry. He has been managing the Digital Marketing accounts as well as helping with the website production team for the past several years at GemFind. He is an avid hockey player, playing professional overseas for several years, who also loves to travel.

Daniel Rodriguez

Digital Marketing Director

Daniel Rodriguez is a Digital Marketing Director at GemFind, he is an expert in creating inbound marketing, PPC, and SEO strategies to help companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Daniel has years of experience as a digital marketing professional across many different industries. In his spare time, you can find him practicing Muay Thai or hiking peaks.

Sarah Ykoruk

Client Success Manager

Sarah brings years of experience in the luxury jewelry industry working with both majors and independents. She is skilled in all aspects of marketing, merchandising, in store training, product assortment planning, and driving sales. With over 15 years of coordinating social and brand events, her attention to detail and communication style ensures that relationships with clients are strong, always positive, and achieves the ultimate goal.