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Engaging with your customers has never been this easy.

GeoFencing is a mobile service that uses your customer’s location to deliver ads directly to them when they are within the area. It enables you to connect with your customers when they are already close by, allowing them to take advantage of special deals.

Through GeoFencing, our experts can help you connect with potential customers, and raise the visibility of your business to those who may be more prone to visit due to proximity.

Communicate Using Technology

With GemFind’s experienced team of digital marketing experts, you can now market to your customers when they are in the area of your store, and display ads directly on their phones when their location services are turned on. GemFind offers several options to help you get started with this effective marketing technology.


For a one-time fee of $995,
this option will give you:

  • Setting up GeoFenced locations. These are the areas that you have selected to use for communicating with customers. Your ad will be displayed when a customer enters your GeoFenced location.
  • Display ad placement submission to mobile display network. Configure and optimize campaigns to display the right ad in the right GeoFence location.
  • Landing Page Creation that tracks appointment requests and phone calls.
  • Create eye-catching Ads to deliver to your potential customers.

Ad Management

For as little as $500 a month*, GemFind will help you do the following:

  • Create up to 25 GeoFenced locations; physical locations where your target customers frequent.
  • Keep ads up-to-date for your GeoFenced locations, making sure customers are not receiving old or expired promotions.
  • GeoFence any events that could bring more traffic to your store.

Ad Spend

With a minimum monthly spend of $500, GemFind will handle the ad spend for you. This means:

  • No more figuring out the ideal time to advertise to your customers.
  • Variable rate for you based on the time of day and year, highlighting the best times to reach your customers, with CPM (Cost Per One Thousand Impressions) Rate being between $5-$15 depending on the time and day of the year.
  • This fee goes directly toward the GeoFencing display network that your customers will receive in your selected location.

Take your company to the next level of marketing. Contact the GeoFencing experts at GemFind today for more information.