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23 Tactics to Reach More Bridal Customers

There is no question that bridal customers make up a good portion of your clientele. They may start with purchasing an engagement ring, but with the right customer service, you can turn them into lifelong customers who return to you for all of their jewelry needs. Leggi tutto


How GeoFencing Can Drive New Customers to your Store

What if you could communicate with current, potential or even your competitor?s customers? If you were a customer, wouldn?t you like to know about deals or new products offered by the stores around you?GeoFencing is a way of communicating with customers through the use of their smartphones. If you are interested in a new way to reach customers, GeoFencing ... Leggi tutto


Are Instagram Stories Appropriate for your Business?

Instagram is only one of the wonderful tools that you can use to promote your business online. One part of Instagram is called Instagram Stories, which is a feature that lets you post pictures that are related to one another in a slideshow. The slideshow is only visible for a day and then is gone. Leggi tutto


How to Rank in “Jewelry stores near me” Searches

The majority of consumers, including the millennial generation, will use a search engine online to find a jewelry store, rather than using the phone book. This is a quick and effective way to find businesses nearby, but it will not include all businesses nearby. How can you get your business to rank in a ... Leggi tutto

Google My Business1

Google My Business Basics

Getting going with Google My Business can be confusing at times. While many businesses know that they should be using it and using it well, it is not completely straightforward for the average business owner. Leggi tutto

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Abandon Cart Recovery Tips

It is common for online shoppers to browse products on sites, gradually adding them to their shopping carts, then click out of their browsers and forget all about it. In fact, 75.6% of online shoppers put items in online carts ... Leggi tutto

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6 Signs that Your Website Needs to be Updated

Keeping up with the latest trends and style goes beyond the jewelry you sell. How you represent your business online should also be contemporary and updated regularly to reflect changing products, information, and design.But how do you know it is time to update your website? This i ... Leggi tutto

lab grown

How Will Lab-Grown Diamonds Affect The Diamond Market

De Beers recently announced that they would be offering lab-grown diamonds under the Lightbox Jewelry brand. As they have finally jumped on the lab bandwagon, we have to wonder, how will this affect the value of the traditional diamonds that you se ... Leggi tutto

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How to use Digital Marketing to Appeal to Millennials

The Millennial Generation, sometimes referred to as Generation Y, is defined as anyone born between the years of 1980 and 2000. As millennials have now become a major consumer in the jewelry market as well as other industries, it is important that all businesses take them into consideration within marketing campaigns.Millennial ... Leggi tutto


How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram is the best visual social media platform out there. Its popularity has reached unbelievable heights, with 60 million images shared daily from all over the world. Not only is it a great way to show off your products, but it also can help you build an audience as well a ... Leggi tutto

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Why Your Website Needs A Professional Photographer

With the growth of social media as well as the accessibility of digital imagery, there really is no excuse to have a bad photo on your website. There are endless amounts of filters and lighting options that can trick amateur photographers into thinking that their smartphone image ... Leggi tutto


3 Key Insights from JCK Las Vegas

After an exciting and exhausting weekend at JCK in Las Vegas our team is finally getting back into the swing of things and we have already begun creating new marketing strategies for many of the brands and businesses that we met at JCK. Before we get too distracted, we wanted to take a moment and share ... Leggi tutto


Online vs Traditional Marketing

Both small and large jewelry businesses struggle with how much of their marketing budget to dedicate to the traditional forms of marketing and how much to dedicate to online marketing. Should you focus on one or both?What is Traditional Marketin ... Leggi tutto


The Secret to Using Social Media to Close the Sale

In the age of digital marketing and social media, it is essential that you not only establish a great customer relationship, but that you are also able to close the sale using both your excellent customer service skills and digital media. Using the same platforms that your customers are constantly interacting with, will allow you to be more ac ... Leggi tutto


How to Define Your Digital Marketing Goals

As you review your digital marketing strategies for your business, you might have all of the right pieces in place, including a strong social media presences, a reliable newsletter, and a client list of those who signed up to receive updates about your products and services. While establishing a digital presenc ... Leggi tutto

5 Reasons why online presence is important

5 Reasons Why Your Online Presence is Important

As many jewelry retailers and wholesalers work with customers on a face-to-face basis, the idea of spending much time on a website or establishing an online presence might seem unnecessary. And although most sales will end in-person, the process of making that sale often begins o ... Leggi tutto


4 Ways to Improve Your Online Customer Satisfaction

Providing your customers with a superior experience breeds customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are some of your best marketers, since they eagerly tell their friends, family, and social media followers about their wonderful experience with you ... Leggi tutto


7 Ways to Use Your JewelCloud Data to Increase Sales

While running a jewelry store can be a challenge in it of itself, any tools that you can use to increase your efficiency and effectiveness are integral in the success of both an online business, as well as a brick and mortar retailer. One of the best tools available for your website is JewelCloud. JewelCloud is a tool that helps to ... Leggi tutto


What is the DiamondLink®?

Often when customers are browsing for a diamond, they are not necessarily looking for a specific retailer or vendor. Instead, they are after a specific cut, carat, or quality. For most customers, this can make shopping for the perfect diamond l ... Leggi tutto


How to Create the Perfect Social Media Post

With the amount of social media platforms out there, putting up the right post for the right audience on the right site can be overwhelming. How can you separate your brand from the sheer volume of voices that are constantly chattering on social media? Simply put, you need to optimize your posts for each social network. The way to approach ... Leggi tutto


How to Sell Your Brand

Once you have committed to your brand?s identity and know the competition that you are up against, you need to focus on selling your brand. Understanding your customers? wants and needs is essential to selling your brand. But how do you do it? There is not a one-size fits ... Leggi tutto

Up Your Company's EDGE

Utilizing a point of sale system (POS) can help jewelry stores easily navigate inventory, reorder best-selling items, easily process transactions, and capture critical data to help you maximize and push more inventory products. ... Leggi tutto

build your brand

4 Tips To Strengthen Your Brand

In marketing, it seems like the word "brand" is used a lot -- the leading brand, off-brand, personal brand ... you get the picture. But there's often confusion around its meaning in business. What does it entail? Do I need to hire an expert? Branding is expensive, right? Leggi tutto


Breaking Down Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts. Businesses leverage digital channels such as social media, email, Google search, and their websites to connect with their current and prospective customers. Leggi tutto


What You Need to Know About Localization

By now you know how important search marketing can be for a jewelry business. It has evolved greatly since the days of the Alta Vista search engine and Netscape browser. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are battling it out for market share of this billion-dollar industry. Competition brings out the best in everyone, which means that these ... Leggi tutto


10 Reasons Visitors Are Leaving Your Website

You have a brand new website with a new look and great SEO, so where's the traffic? While there are a variety of reasons your website may have a high bounce rate, here are 10 reasons you may not have more web traffic. While these are easy fixes, it's always best to cal ... Leggi tutto


4 Ways Online Reviews Can Help You Close More Sales

An easy way to boost your reputation is to showcase your company?s online reviews. Whether highlighting a testimonial or a Yelp review, encouraging potential customers to analyze your previous customer?s experience can help you close new deals. Here are 4 ways you can use online reviews to increase sales. Leggi tutto


How a Good Jewelry Search Ranking Can Affect Your Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial tool that should be used to drive traffic to your online jewelry store. Since most online traffic comes from search engines, you should always be concerned about your jewelry search ranking on Google, Bing and other commonly used search engines. One of the keys to ... Leggi tutto


How to Increase Sales Through Your Blogs

Once you've crafted a jewelry website that mirrors your ideals, the next focal point should be increasing sales through your blogs. It may take some time to develop a loyal blog following, but eventually, it can be the key to endless sales. In order for readers to crave blog updates, you need to provide them with original, valuable comme ... Leggi tutto


Welcome Ice Diamonds to JewelCloud!

GemFind, the leading technology provider to the jewelry industry, is happy to welcome Ice Diamonds, the newest vendor to add their collections to the industry?s fastest growing social product network. With JewelCloud®, Ice Diamonds can better reach their retailers and feed ... Leggi tutto


Why You Should Care About On-Page SEO

There has been a great deal of discussion in recent years about the importance of your business having a website. Even if you feel like your jewelry store is doing fine, couldn't you be doing more? Isn't it possible you are not reaching your entire project ... Leggi tutto


Know What Your Customer Wants Before They Come Into Your Store

Selling jewelry online makes life easier for customers to browse your inventory from the comfort of their homes. And just as your potential customers browse your website to see what products you offer, it's important for you to also understand what kinds of jewelry pieces they are looking for, before they make the ... Leggi tutto


Ways to Improve the Online Presence of Your Jewelry Store

Setting up a jewelry website is exciting, but how do you attract new customers? Key building blocks include search engine optimization (SEO) and using industry specific tools to modernize your website and provide a seamless user experience. Here are some strategies you can ... Leggi tutto


Why Co-Op Advertising Can Benefit Your Jewelry Business

An innovative approach to reducing advertising costs is to work with partners, such as designers and manufacturers, who pay for advertising in exchange for mentions in marketing campaigns. Here are a few reasons co-op advertising can benefit your business. Build Targeted Digital Marketing CampaignsOne of the most ... Leggi tutto

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Are You Monitoring Your Web Traffic Correctly?

The first step to monitoring your website traffic is to ensure that your website is updated and ready to capture traffic information. Without an accurate setup your web traffic could be increasing, but you may not realize it! The best way to track w ... Leggi tutto


How to Use Twitter to Sell Jewelry

As an online platform known for ?getting the word out? about a particular product or service, Twitter has certainly proven its worth. The savviest marketers ? across essentially every industry ? understand this fact and use the marketing leverage of ?tweets? t ... Leggi tutto


How to Use Instagram for Your Jewelry Store

Gaining a competitive edge can be a game changer for your jewelry store. By focusing on more engagement with your audience instead of strictly sales you can help distinguish your brand and store. Old fashioned pitches are be ... Leggi tutto


How to Monitor Your Social Media Presence

In order to effectively execute your social media management for your jewelry business, you need to have tools in place to actually measure your online social media presence and gauge your success. This means that you need to have clear goals for your social media marketing campaigns, and know what kinds of metrics you are looking at.The most ... Leggi tutto


Why Remarketing on Facebook Ads Work

Why Remarketing on Facebook Ads WorksHaving a Facebook business page is the first step towards having a social media presence, but the magic isn't in the page. In order to keep a good return on your investment (ROI), remarketing to your users using Facebook ads is the key to building true success.Remark ... Leggi tutto


How to Create a Call-to-Action Button on Your Facebook Page

Creating a call-to-action button (CTA) on your Facebook page only takes a few quick seconds to do, and is very important when you are trying to build up your page so that you can attract potential customers. What To DoIf you don't have a CTA for your page, look for the "Add Action Button" below the ... Leggi tutto

How to Sell Jewelry to a Facebook User

One of the most effective marketing tools today is social media. Platforms such as Facebook allow marketers, retailers, and suppliers to connect with a wider audience, and helps marketers tailor content to appeal to their target audience.P ... Leggi tutto

Digital Marketing for Today's Jeweler

Online marketing for jewelers is not too different from any other industry. The real difference is that the jewelry industry has not been as quick to move to online marketing. This is largely because it has been assumed that people would want to see their purchases first, in ... Leggi tutto

Why I Hate My Web Hosting Company

Even the best web hosting services can cause frustration. However, the occasional problem is part of working online. If your sentiment toward your web hosting service is one of dissatisfaction, you need to figure out why. The following are some of ... Leggi tutto

How to Sell Jewelry to an Instagram User

If you are in the jewelry business, you probably spend a significant portion of your marketing dollars on trying to attract new customers to your brand. One of the greatest ways you can maximize your efforts is through Instagram. This social network will allow you to build up a following without having to spend a ton of mo Leggi tutto

How to Sell Jewelry to a Millennial

How to Target the 2040 Market We all know that millennials are currently the {{cta('ee3967fb-0cd9-4f1b-b07b-e5d76dcbcb88')}} to target. They have become the greatest group of consumers, and therefore, are crucial in helping the jewelry industry incerase their sales. In terms of jewelry, ... Leggi tutto

Top 5 Digital Marketing and Sales Trends in the Jewelry Industry

Top 5 Digital Marketing TrendsDigital marketing has become an essential part in marketing, especially for the jewelry industry. Although most customers will take the time to visit the store, they still want to have an idea of what they want (or in some cases, they already know exactly what they want ... Leggi tutto


5 Ways to Increase Store Traffic This Fall

How Can You Increase Store Traffic?There has recently been a growing anxiety within the retail industry with lack of in-store traffic and slowing sales. The anxiety is real, and in many respects, it is just ... Leggi tutto