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Tap into GemFind’s network of over 100,000 products from hundreds of the most trusted vendors in the industry. Network with your authorized vendors to deliver vast product lines directly to your website or add new vendors you discover within the GemFind Network.



What does this mean for your business?

Quite simply, JewelCloud™ helps you drive sales by providing the online inventory that your customers are searching for. That means that you can feature more product on your website than those that are available in your storefront, in browse-only or e-commerce formats. You can also use your enhanced website as an in-store tool to give customers additional options beyond what they see in the showcase. The vendors take care of all updates to products, images and pricing, so you no longer have to dedicate staff to maintaining your website inventory. You can choose to feature a vendor’s entire inventory, or just a selection based on your overall product offering.


How does it work?

JewelCloud™ encompasses a variety of Virtual Inventory LinksTM including the GF MasterLink, Designer Products and Non-Branded Manufacturer Products. It currently hosts inventory for over 150 vendors, and new vendors are constantly being added so that retailers can grow their offering as the Network continues to evolve.



Choose the Virtual Inventory Links and vendors that you would like to feature on your website, and whether or not you would like to enable e-commerce.



GemFind will contact the vendors you are interested in so that they can grant you access to their inventory, through a simple process enabled by the GF Network’s exclusive permissions functionality.(Individual vendors reserve the right to approve or reject these requests.)

Once the vendors have approved your requests, GemFind will work with your webmaster on seamless integration to your existing website and will provide the code to enable the Virtual Inventory Data Feed(s).



  • Enhance your exising website with a variety of inventory from Designer and non-branded Manufacturers, at minimal cost and maximum return on investment.
  • Control pricing and the selection of virtual inventory that best fits your product offering at the click of a button with our user-friendly administrative tool.
  • Keep your sales staff focused on selling, while updates to your virtual inventory are managed by the vendors who provide the data for optimal accuracy and timeliness.
  • Build relationships with customers online (alert them when your inventory updates) and close more sales In-store using your website as a tool to show more options.
  • Keep customers on YOUR website engaged with YOUR inventory, instead of having to send them to your vendors’ sites to see a better selection.
  • Grow your business by providing your existing customers (and new customers who find you via SEO) with what they expect from your website-a way to interact with you, a way to browse your inventory and a safe, secure way to buy your products.


Choice of Magento Community Version – the world’s leading e-commerce platform – or WordPress – the world’s leading website content management system.
Seamless integration of GF Virtual inventories and web tools through a variety of technical solutions including iFrame, sub domain, jQuery, or our Application Programming Interface(API).
Integrated Product Search allows visitors to your site to search across your own inventory as well as vendor-managed inventories.
GF Jewelry Links and web tools are built in CSS to encourage positive Search Engine Optimization(SEO) results and to allow search engines to find your site and relevant content more easily.
GemFind is constantly evolving its technology, successfully maintaining its position as the leader in technology solutions specific to the jewelry industry.
Contact us if you require a custom solution or a particular technology not listed above.



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