Step 4. Content Writing

Site with formatted content

Nobody knows a store’s story better than the business owner. As GemFind works with the retailer to learn their story, this phase establishes the most essential content sections of a website. From “About Us” to “Contact Us,” content considerations can include:

  • A detailed company history
  • The store’s mission statement or vision
  • Staff profiles to highlight product knowledge and work history
  • Product education sections (from 4C’s to birthstone essentials)
  • Industry content (trade associations and business group memberships)

Images complete the picture and help break up the layout of the page nicely. Be sure to have studio-quality image files (if available) to be used in this phase.

Most of the content sections listed above don’t need to be changed once the content is provided, but other content will require routine updates. Personnel changes, seasonal store hours and event announcements are samples of content sections that require frequent updates. To keep the website timely, updates with changing seasons and gift-giving occasions and holidays are suggested.

GemFind has content developers and editors available.


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