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1. GemFind Celebrates 25 Years of Digital Excellence in Jewelry Industry
GemFind Digital Solutions, a leader in the jewelry industry’s digital marketing, marks its 25th anniversary with a commitment to elevating the digital presence of jewelry businesses. Read More

2. A Legacy of Innovation: GemFind’s Journey Since 1999
Founded by CEO Alex Fetanat, GemFind has grown substantially, offering innovative digital solutions tailored to the unique needs of jewelry businesses. Explore GemFind’s journey and milestones. Learn More

3. Comprehensive Services: GemFind’s Digital Portfolio
GemFind’s service portfolio includes Shopify website development, digital marketing, SEO, lead generation, and cutting-edge interactive applications like RingBuilder, DiamondLink, and more. Discover More

4. CEO Alex Fetanat Reflects on 25 Years of Excellence
In a statement, CEO Alex Fetanat emphasizes GemFind’s commitment to excellence and innovation, navigating technological advancements in the ever-changing jewelry industry. Read CEO’s Reflection

5. GemFind’s Evolution: Adapting to Thrive
GemFind’s continuous adaptation and evolution have positioned the company as a digital marketing leader, providing comprehensive solutions for jewelry businesses. Explore Evolution

6. Exclusive 25th Anniversary Offers: Unmissable Deals for New Clients
GemFind celebrates its 25th anniversary by offering exclusive deals for new clients, including discounts on website packages, digital marketing setup fees, and app setup costs. Claim Offers