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After an exciting and exhausting weekend at JCK in Las Vegas, our team is finally getting back into the swing of things. We have already begun creating new marketing strategies for many of the brands and businesses that we met at JCK Las Vegas.

Before we get too distracted, we wanted to take a moment and share a few of our observations at JCK.

Don’t worry, if you weren’t able to make it to JCK Las Vegas this year, we will bring you up to speed with these 3 trends and takeaways that we learned.

1. A Website is Not Enough Anymore

We heard it over and over again. Having a gorgeous website and running online advertisements is just not enough anymore. 

As the internet continues to grow at a rapid pace every day, the competition to get your customer’s attention online becomes more difficult. You must find new ways to reach your audience and stand out among the rest of the noise on the internet.

Our team has seen exponential success at our holistic approach to digital marketing. Each component in your online strategy, website design, social media, advertisements, email campaigns, blogging, must compliment each other and stay focused on one goal: converting you visitors to your customers.

2. Lab Grown Diamonds Are Here to Stay

De Beers announcement of their new lab grown diamond retailer, Lightbox, the show was buzzing to say the least. With De Beers being arguably the most well known brand in mined diamonds, it was only a matter of time before they took advantage of the highly coveted millennial market with the lower cost lab-grown diamonds. 

This expansion of the lab grown diamond market into the mainstream forces jewelers to consider if lab-grown diamonds are right for their brand. Also, it make them think about how they need to adjust their marketing strategies to reach the Millennial market.

3. Millennial’s Interest in Lab-Grown Diamonds Continues to Grow

While lab-grown diamonds are controversial, the market opportunity to reach the highly coveted Millennial market can not be denied.

70% of Millennials would consider buying a lab-grown diamond, which is an increase of 13% since last year. 

Millennial’s purchasing decisions are not only motivated by cost, they also consider whether a product is socially conscious. Businesses must adjust their marketing strategy to accommodate this new product. 

We are creating marketing campaigns to reach the Millennial audience where they spend a large majority of their time. Especially, highlighting the lower cost, eco-friendly and conflict free features of lab-grown will be essential in earning their business. These features will be a core part of our marketing messages for lab-grown diamonds. 

How could we forget?!?

The award for the craziest news we have heard in a long time goes to two brazen men. Thieves somehow managed to steal a 20 ct diamond from an unlocked display at the show. This is just a guess! But, we think there might be an increase in sales of display case locks for the next show!

Attending shows like JCK Las Vegas and having the opportunity to meet with so many amazing industry professionals. And it always leaves us energized and excited to help our fellow industry partners grow their business with digital marketing. If we didn’t have the opportunity to meet at JCK or you were unable to attend this year, we would love to catch up! Please contact us today or schedule a meeting for a time that works best with your schedule.