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Many of our clients come to us asking to help improve their website’s ability to get customers. One of the main problems we see when evaluating a jeweler’s website is their lack of a solid set of calls-to-action. That is why in this blog we will show you the Best Call To Actions To Get More Customers.

If you’re not familiar with CTA’s, they are basically opportunities you give users to take action on your website. For example, an ecommerce website may place a “Sign Up Now to Receive 20% Off” offer on their website. This offer will entice users to sign up for their company newsletter. This gives a potential customer incentive to fill out a form with their contact information while providing a push for them to buy a product online.

However, jewelers need to adopt a more careful approach to CTAs in order to effectively turn users into customers. The target audience for jewelry stores is a bit different from other retailers. This is because customers are typically not looking to make an immediate purchase. The reason for this is that  jewelry items are an important investment. This means you’ll need to figure out a handful of CTAs throughout your website that directly correlate with your demographic’s mindset.

Focus on Increasing In-Store Visits

If you have a physical retail location then first and foremost you should focus on getting local customers into your store.

Driving foot traffic to your jewelry stores is all about providing as much valuable information as possible. This is done in order to tell them why they should make the trip. Your homepage should feature your value proposition. This is what makes your store different/special in comparison to your competitors. Perhaps you’re a family-owned business with direct ties to the area and established trust from the local population.

Maybe you use eco-friendly practices to produce your products or focus solely on a specific product. Whatever the case may be, users should know exactly what makes your store unique within the first few seconds of visiting your website. Having a section dedicated to your value proposition with a “Book an Appointment” or “Directions to Our Store” button underneath it is an effective way to get more customers through your doors.

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Create a Lead Magnet

Lead magnets work by enticing users with something of value in exchange for their contact information. Once this information is captured, jewelers can then set up a sequence to nurture the lead until they become an actual customer.

An incredible lead magnet that we have found to be extremely effective is an eBook. The eBook that has worked the best is the engagement ring buyer’s guide. This is because the engagement ring buying process typically takes up to 3 months! Which is why we want to get users into a campaign that periodically sends them new emails. Within these emails are tons of  valuable content which is an effective way to nurture them into customers.

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Get Users to Call Your Store

Placing your jewelry store’s phone number throughout your site. For example, in your site’s header, homepage, contact page, etc. . This is standard practice for increasing calls and booking in-store appointments.

You may already have click-to-call buttons on your website, but if you don’t, this should be made a priority. In a recent study conducted by HubSpot, 70% of mobile device users used click to call buttons and phone calls in 2018 alone. This means these types of calls-to-action work and if you’re number is connected to a capable salesperson, you will have ample opportunity to get the user into your store.

Still Need Help With Call To Actions To Get More Customers?

Do you still need help with call to actions to get more customers ? Then you should consider partnering with a digital marketing team with experience in the jewelry industry.

At GemFind, our experts can evaluate your existing website and provide insight into what are the best call to actions to get more customers for your business.

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