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What is the Buyer’s Journey? Simply put, it is the journey or buying process that consumers go through to become aware of, evaluate, and purchase a new product or service. It consists of three stages that make up the inbound marketing framework: awareness, consideration, and decision.

Analyzing the Buyer’s Journey through the inbound marketing lens allows jewelers to conceptualize the path of a potential customer as a framework. The result? Persona-targeted content for each stage of the Buyer’s Journey.

To start, let’s review what jewelers can include in each of the three stages to move potential buyers closer to a potential purchase:

Awareness Stage

First in the Buyer’s Journey, a potential customer is just realizing a want or need for a product or service. And is likely entering search terms in Google to understand more about what they are looking for. This is where an effective SEO strategy plays a key role in your marketing plan.

Then If you can answer questions for your personas and position your awareness content appropriately, you’re putting your business’s content in a great position to convert. Next, Ask yourself about where your customers go to educate themselves. And what questions they typically ask.

After, most potential buyers are in the awareness stage are seeking information to answer questions or resolve pain points. In addition,  it is important to note that at this stage the information should be fairly neutral with limited (if any) sales jargon or positioning of the specific business.

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Consideration Stage

Next, with a clearly defined goal or challenge, and a commitment to address it, the consideration phase is about a customer’s evaluation of different jewelers that offer what they’re looking for. At this stage, you are still delivering critical information to help your buyer make the best possible decision.

For example, here are some content offers jewelers can provide to qualify leads for the decision stage:

  • eBooks/expert guides on specific products you carry
  • Blog posts
  • Videos

Decision Stage

Lastly, a customer has decided on a solution category. They have a strategy in place to address their needs, but are still deciding on a specific jeweler to purchase from. A buyer may spend significant time researching documentation, data, reviews, and other materials to gain confidence in their decision.

Content offers at this stage may include comparisons and reviews. These align with the decision-making process and position your content as a resource, as opposed to a hard sales pitch.

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In Conclusion

In conclusion, with proper inbound marketing tactics applied to each of the three Buyer’s Journey stages. Then you’ll be able to make content available through the appropriate channels and map each piece of content to the right stage in the funnel.

Next, when jewelers are building their Buyer’s Journey, they should make a point to speak to their sales team. They have a unique perspective because they are speaking to prospects and customers every single day.

Above all, Remember: The main goal of the Buyer’s Journey is to take advantage of a more customer-centric philosophy to better position your jewelry store for addressing the needs of your target audience.

Still Need Help With Your Buyer’s Journey?

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