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It goes without saying that holiday shopping season is the most profitable time of the year. It is all too easy to get wrapped up in your store operations, stock, and keeping up with any sales that you might have going on, including boosting your in-store holiday sales. Because the holiday shopping season can be so overwhelming, some things will naturally get away from you, social media included. But the holiday season is not the time to neglect your social media accounts. Instead, it is even more important to keep up with it. Here are a few holiday season social media tips to help you business is year!

1. Keep your business fresh in the minds of your followers.

Looking for holiday presents for a variety of friends and family can be exhausting for the average shopper. By managing your social media, your posts will stay current in the minds of your followers, encouraging them to do their holiday shopping with your jewelry business.

2. Advertise your promotions and sales as they are happening.

Not only can you remind followers that your business is a great option to do holiday shopping, but you can also make sure that you keep your promotions updated on your social media accounts. Your followers will not know about the sales that you have going on if you do not tell them and remind them.

3. Holiday posts can appeal to shoppers’ emotions.

The holidays are a period that many people around the country look forward to. Businesses that show how much they embrace the festive nature of the holidays will appeal more to holiday shoppers. You can use your social media to show your holiday spirit and encourage shoppers who feel the same way to visit your store.

4. Social media is a type of word-of-mouth marketing:

Posts on social media are easy to share between friends. If you offer giveaways or pictures that are worth sharing, more of your followers will share your holiday posts with their friends on social media, further spreading word of your brand. Don’t be afraid to show your followers just how wonderful your store is and why they should shop there. Then they will happily share it with their friends as well.

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Want More Holiday Season Social Media Tips?

Still need more Holiday Season Social Media Tips? Then contact the digital marketing experts at GemFind. Our team knows exactly how to promote your business and how to make use of your social media accounts.