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If your jewelry store website isn’t coming up on the first or second page on Google when someone searches for you or a jewelry store in your area, you might as well not have a website at all. Google is the number one search engine when it comes to product searches and beats any other e-commerce website or search engine in product searches.

Just for you to understand the power of a Google search, 35% of all online purchases start with a Google search. Read that again!

The difference between Google and other search engines is that Google has a few things that others do not.

Like Rich Snippets.

Rich Snippets are normal Google search results with extra content displayed. This extra content is usually pulled from Structured Data found inside the back end of your website page’s. Common Rich Snippet types include reviews, recipes and events.

It is like a complete product encyclopedia.

That is why more jewelry companies need to get on the Google rich-snippet bandwagon and start using all the features available to stay on top of their competition.

Why are Rich Snippets Important for Jewelry Stores?

One of the best things that online jewelry stores can do for their organic search results is take advantage of rich snippets. Rich snippets are essentially small pieces of code that Google can read from your website. These can be used to showcase all sorts of things directly in the Google search results. For jewelry store site owners, rich snippets could include images of your products, reviews about your company (or products), frequently asked questions and much more.

There are lots of snippets you can add beyond product images. Reviews, FAQs, pricing, product availability and more can all be added to your jewelry product pages to increase the odds that your search engine listings stand out from your competitors.

Rich snippets are bits of extra data that make it easy for Google to organize the information on your website. Type almost any jewelry product description into Google search and you’ll see at least one type of rich snippet appear, if not multiple types.

Having these types of Rich Snippet gives your website and product pages an immediate boost to your SEO. Studies show that having a rich snippet can increase click-through rates (CTR) by 677% and drive 20-40% more traffic than product links without them. There’s a reason why products with high-quality images sell better than products with poor-quality or no images, for example. Shoppers want to see, compare and research before they buy. Snippets give them that option. If you look at the organic search results, you’re probably going to gravitate toward the products that give a better impression and a clear star rating. There’s a ton of helpful information about Rich Snippets for Product SEO. Like I said, it’s an encyclopedia, and if you need additional assistance implementing this into your digital strategy our experts at GemFind are immersed in this everyday helping jewelry businesses succeed.

The Power of Utilizing Schema

In addition to Rich Snippets, let’s take a look at Schema and how you can take advantage of all the types of Schema to leverage your organic search results.

Product Schema

Rich snippets involve the use of code called Schema Markup, or Schema. So when I say, “Product Schema,” what I mean is code that showcases basic product information.

You might see this information displayed like this:

What makes it “product schema” is whether or not it features a product and relevant information about it, like color, size, and so on. There are many different ways you can list that information, some of which might be more helpful for your searchers. If a product has specific dimensions compared to similar products, for instance, you want to list that in your product markup.

Reviews and Ratings Schema

Around 90% of consumers will read at least one online review before they buy online. So it’s worth it to add reviews to your product pages. Adding reviews to your product schema is a great way to boost shopper confidence.

Take a look at the Rich Snippet when I search for Engagement Rings:

Sometimes these will feature product review, If you click on the snippet, you’ll be able to see all product reviews. That link will then lead you to a Google Shopper review page with more detailed reviews. Just having a star rating next to your product is still good enough to pique interest. In fact, the star rating is the number one factor used by consumers to judge a product or e-commerce business. Even if your product doesn’t have a high star rating, showing that it’s been rated and reviewed can still be a booster for SEO.

Price Schema

Do you buy a $4,340 Diamond Ring with 0 reviews? Or do you purchase the $5,890 Diamond Ring with 5 stars and 23 reviews?

Seeing how these products stack up against each other helps consumers make better and faster decisions about which one will work out the best. If someone is looking for a product based solely on the price, they’re going to eliminate the ones out of their price range. This automatically narrows down search results. If your product fits their needs, they’re more likely to click, even if you have a lower star rating.


Adding “pricing schema” will be a similar process to adding any other type of schema. If you have your product featured on Google Shopping, it will pull any price changes or discounts as well. Consider adding tags like “sale” or “discount” that can help thrifty shoppers find your products faster.

Product Availability Schema

 Another piece of schema markup you want to add is availability. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding the perfect product only to discover that it’s sold out and you have to sign up for the waiting list.

Or, worse yet, come back later to see if it’s available again.

If someone leaves your page because your product is unavailable, there’s a chance they might never come back. So you want to include that information up front.

Here’s what that looks like with Product Availability schema:

Adding this little code can really help your bounce rates, especially if you suffer from “soft bounces. ”Soft bounces” happen when someone is engaged on your site but doesn’t end up buying. Maybe they scrolled through the product page, read reviews, looked at images or watched a product video, but they didn’t purchase the product. Sometimes this is due to factors like pricing, but more often than not it’s the result of a product being out of stock, either fully or partially. Generally speaking, if someone is worried about the price, they won’t be as engaged as someone who is actively ready to buy.

So if you see a lot of soft bounces, it could be due to product availability.

You can solve this problem by alerting customers to the status of your products before they click on them. Having that information for customers handy before they ever visit your store will improve your customer experience and improve your sales in the long run.

Video Schema

Lastly, taking advantage of video schema is all-around good marketing. Explainer videos and product videos help create engaging dialogue, explain complexities about the product, grab attention and help customers connect with a brand. Video schema is a great option if you’re already adding rich snippets to your product pages.

If your product already has (or is ripe for) explainer videos, then you will want to add this rich snippet to your search results. If your products don’t already have a video, consider making one for them.

There are several services out there that will help you create them for your best products (or those that need explaining the most). This gives you an extra chance at getting ranked, and it helps your customers connect to your product.


Adding rich snippets to your jewelry store website might seem a little complicated at first, but it’s worth it in the long run. Not only does it improve the reach of your product marketing, but it also improves the shopping experience for your customers. It can boost online sales as well as offline sales.

If you’re not sure where to start adding rich snippets to your e-commerce site, a digital team like GemFind Digital Solutions is here to assist you in the process! The ultimate payout for your SEO and sales will be far worth the effort and you’ll be set up for converting online sales for years to come.