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When it comes to marketing you jewelry store online, we know that there are tons of options. But like all online marketing strategies they take up lots of time that jewelry stores do not have. Not only does marketing take time, but it also takes a considerable amount of experience to make sure that you keeping costs low are generating a great return. As a result, digital marketing often falls by the wayside or is just maintained by someone on your store team. To help keep up with the digital marketing workload, it may be a good idea to work with an agency. But more specifically, one that specializes in online jewelry store promotion. This is because they can truly drive revenue and buyer awareness in this segment of your business.

Consider the following benefits to hiring an agency for your jewelry store digital marketing:

Have an SEO and Google Expert At Your Fingertips

Search engine optimization is a full-time job in itself. And the importance of search engine visibility cannot be overstated. As it is one of the most essential components to your overall marketing strategy. In addition, being able to consistently stay on top of Google Ads while keeping your cost-per-click low and your click-through rate high is a delicate balancing act that can easily expand to fill up all of your time.

Working with a digital marketing agency that understands the competitiveness of Google advertising. As well as, knows how to maximize clicks throughout all of Google’s vast online properties can pay for itself.

This alone can more than make it worth hiring an digital marketing agency to handle your online presence. However, Google and search engine optimization are just a few facets of a very large beast. And in order to tame this beast, that you’ll have to learn these skills and more!

Create and Encourage Ongoing Social Media Discussions

Do not forget, that while handing all that was mentioned before you still need to focus on social media!

Any one of these networks can be a potentially lucrative outlet for your jewelry store. But not only do you have to choose carefully, you also have to divide your time up between them. This is done so that prospective customers on each one get their questions answered and ongoing discussions are created to help continually generate interest.

It’s like continuing to throw logs onto a fire to keep it burning. But you have to do it smart. Too many logs and the fire will smother out. Not enough and it will barely flicker. A steady supply of invigorating topics, together with open communication, can soak up all of your free time. That makes it a smart choice to work with a digital marketing agency that knows how to invite discussion, encourage participation, and most importantly, encourage post engagement. This engagement is important so that you get more interested visitors to your site, subscribers to your mailing list, and happy customers enjoying your jewelry products.

Because every platform has their do’s and don’ts, you need to hire someone that knows what they are doing. In order to get the most out of social media, it is vital to succeeding with all of them and getting the best return on your investment.

The Importance of a Conversion Tracking Strategy

Beyond social media and search engines, it’s also crucial that you know how many of these users are actually converting. You can do this by Tracking Conversions.

Conversion Tracking is the percentage of customers that ultimately take the action you want them to take. For Example, making a purchase, scheduling a consultation, etc.. This is the best way to determine if your marketing efforts are paying off. But also, it can show you how well are they performing.

Having a conversion tracking strategy in place not only helps to measure your return on investment, but it also helps you know what you’re spending on ads. And this is very important in order to attract and retain each prospect and customer. Keeping those numbers as low as possible while keeping your conversions as high as possible is the key to a successful campaign. Having a team of experts constantly adjusting your strategy every month is beyond beneficial to those jewelry stores wanting to stay on top.

Knowing the Trends and Pulse of the Jewelry Industry

As you might imagine, being able to tackle all of these areas with absolute precision, accuracy, expertise and experience is a challenge. But even more of a challenge if you’re also running a jewelry store!

To that end, perhaps the most important part of all is being able to work with a digital marketing agency that understands the jewelry industry. This means you’ll spend less time explaining your business and more time profiting with it. The experts at GemFind have handled hundreds of jewelry store campaigns and are ready to take on yours!

When you decide to work with an agency, get in touch with GemFind Digital Solutions today for a free consultation!