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The fashion industry has always been highly visual. Try describing your newest necklace design to a friend, over the phone. We don’t even try. Today we just pull out our smartphones, take a couple of photos and send a text message. We work in an industry that needs to show our products through photography, and settling for bad photography does not work in todays world. Today we’ll cover why good photography is so important in your marketing campaigns and what options are out there to help you improve your jewelry photography.

Photography Can Make or break Your Marketing Campaigns

Marketing has also become more and more visual. This is evident with the rise of social media advertising and the decline of radio over the years. Effective jewelry advertising uses good images to attract attention. When was the last time you saw jewelry advertising that didn’t have an image or a video? Jewelry shoppers want to see what you are offering and the best way to do that is in person, the second best is with a compelling image. Having good images for your marketing campaigns are very important because they are often the single most important factor in capturing someone’s attention. The image can open the door to them wanting to learn more about what you have to offer.

The Rise of E-commerce

E-commerce has undoubtedly affected the retail. This is true in the jewelry industry as well. While e-commerce currently makes up 4-5% of all jewelry sales, it is expected to rise to 10-15% by 2020. Consumers always want to know as much as they can about a product before they make a purchase. With e-commerce sites, they can’t touch and feel the product, so they have to rely on images. Having a good image of your product can be the difference between making the sale or not.

Brick and mortar jewelry stores are also affected by the rise in e-commerce because consumers have been conditioned to research and look at everything they can about their purchase. Your brick and mortar store is competing with e-commerce sites that have beautiful images. The best way to attract online jewelry shoppers is to have great product images.

Take Control of Your Jewelry Photography

Taking photos of jewelry is very different than photographing other items. Metal, reflections, and imperfections are just a few things that make jewelry photography a little more challenging. There are three basic approaches to managing your jewelry photography. You can outsource on a per project basis and hire an outside agency or freelancer. Another option is to hire a part-time photographer and keep the process in-house. And finally, you can invest time and money and try to take product photos yourself.

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